Feb 29, 2016

Handmade Clay Art

For quite sometime, i have been suffering from writer's block and don't feel like scribbling with any new blog post. Thankfully, i haven't got creative block. Clay gives an instant rush to my creative instinct, my mind and fingers start working automatically. So i don't have much to write but surely wants to share some of the clay pieces i have experimented in the recent past. They may not be award winning pieces but they are surely heart winning :)
Happy Claying!!
Handbuilt Slab Pot
Carved Ceramic Pot
Terracotta Wall Mask
Terracotta Wall Decor Mask

Handmade Clay Owl
Handmade Clay Owl

Pinch Pot Monster
Pinch Pot Clay Monster
Handmade Pen Stand
Clay Monster Pen Holder