Jan 28, 2016

Handmade Large Pots and Vases

Claying has always been my passion, especially building large pots. Every time I scale a new height, i aspire to achieve the next level. Clay gives me liberty to express the design, shape, size I want. This time I converted a large pot into a lamp.

Amidst busy schedule, it was bit difficult to build this structure along with my classes, but finally managed it to complete in bits and pieces. Sharing few pics of journey of this big coil pot.

Few of you may be wondering as how to make long pots without using any mould or machine (pottery wheel). Coil Technique is one of the simplest pottery technique to build large pots of any shape and size simply with the use of hands. A very interesting face about coil technique is that you can also convert your coil pot into sculpture by joining/merging outer walls of your coil pot/sculpture.

Happy Claying!!

Jan 19, 2016

Birthday Fun with Clay

clay modelling for birthday celebrationClay modelling workshop organized for little Adivitya on his 8th birthday as he wanted to have clay fun with his friends. This was a 100% pure fun birthday activity as kids were allowed to have as much clay fun they want as moms were having gala time too. Each of the participant (including mothers) enjoyed making personalized clay pieces and tried their hands in clay. Kids made their return gift (themselves)- personalized nameplate and explored making different clay animals. Definitely

Jan 3, 2016

Winter Holiday Workshop for Kids

Claying Thoughts organized winter holiday workshop for children from 4th to 9th January 2016 at their studio based in Noida. The workshop was designed for grown up kids in the age group of 8 to 14 years. The purpose of the workshop was to teach basics of clay sculpture and handbuilding pottery techniques to children.

 The one-week long workshop gave children an opportunity to understand the basics of clay handling and turn their visualization into actual 2D and 3D models.
The total number of seats was limited to ensure that each participant gets individual attention. Some of the clay items created by participants were monster, angry bird, mask, nameplate, coil pot, dinosaur, and lots more. At the end of the workshop, participants were also given a demonstration on how to paint the clay piece once dried.