Nov 4, 2015

Say "NO" to Bargain for Diwali Diyas

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Do you know that a Diya (Earthen Lamp) worth Rupees 2 that you buy from a road side potter during Diwali festival goes through 8 stages before it brightens your home.

Read this post if you love pottery, inquisitive to know the process of diya making, and believe that the hard working traditional potters deserve to earn an extra income during Diwali festival like we get bonus/gifts.

And, if you don't get time to read this post, then please try not to bargain for any terracotta diya or god idols that you buy directly from the small potters (or do very little bargain if you think you are being overcharged). I believe, if we can make Amazon or Snapdeal super rich during Diwali, then why not make our traditional potters earn what they deserve. So, help our traditional potters lit their home and celebrate Diwali in a happier buy Terracotta Lamps for Diwali :)

In this post, I will give you an overview of  life cycle of a terracotta diya (Earthen Lamp) made by our traditional potters.