Oct 16, 2015

From Creation to Visarjan of Ganpati Bappa Idol

Creating Ganesha Idol has always been an auspicious process for me. Every time I get an order for creating the Ganesha Idol for festival, I feel immensely blessed. It's like getting an opportunity to create the idol of our CREATOR. The day when Ganesha Festival starts, it embarks the birth of Lord Ganesha and the artists start creating the idol months before the festival. When I create the idol, it gives me a feeling as if I'm creating a life....Creation process is similar to how a baby develops in mother's womb...all parts of the body are slowly created...fingers, eyes, feet, ears...everything. Sometimes, this thought gives me goose bumps and at the same time give me proud feeling for being blessed with this art of visualization.

I can never plan the design of my Ganesha idol...it comes naturally to me. So if a client requests to replicate a design, I simply say NO. as my designs comes naturally from my heart and they are original. Though, I take care of small details if client specially wants them in their idol. Like this year, a Tamilian family wanted a big idol for their home with specification for a traditional crown and a small snake around the waist. I happy to found about the significance of a snake around Ganesha's waist. There is a long story behind but in short, the snake around belly represent all forms of energy.