Jul 1, 2015

A Meditative Trip to India

My new student Vicky is an Occupational Therapist from London, who visited India to experience Meditation, Himalayas, and Clay (this sounds really Divine :)

Vicky joined our one-week program to specifically learn handbuilding pottery. She loves the idea of being with children and enthusiastically participated in summer camp too.
Thanks Vicky for visiting our studio. It was an absolutely heartwarming experience watching you create smiling Buddha face, Ganesha Idol, the spiritual “Om” (Aum) symbol, and lots of other clay forms.Your sincerity and zeal to learn pottery in Delhi's hot sultry summers motivated many of us in the studio.
Love to have you again in my pottery world :)
Below are some of the creations Vicky learnt in a short span with her sheer hard work and dedication.

Happy Claying with You!!