Jun 30, 2015

Less Privileged...Highly Talented

It is the time of the year that I enjoy most. For me pottery is secondary here. I eagerly look forward to meet kids, see their creativity, and explore different out of box ideas. Yes, I'm talking about my summer camp with NGOs where i get to meet less privileged but extremely talented kids and I eagerly look forward to this event every year.
They teach me how to excel in minimal conditions. Who has time to crib for electricity cutoff, poor facilities, sweating when creativity is all over the mind ;)

Jun 29, 2015

Mask Making Workshop

For those who want to make a tribal mask with terracotta clay, but find it difficult to make, then we have a good news for you. Mask making is quite easy. You don't need big tools or space to make a Clay Mask. Anyone can make it with few simple instructions. All you need is the right picture in your mind and the simple clay handling technique. Here are few pictures of Terracotta Masks made by students during pottery classes. Hope you like them and get some mask making ideas too :)

If you want to make a MASK with your friends or spouse or siblings, or office colleagues then contact us. We can organize a Terracotta Mask Making workshop for you. Write to us at clayingthoughts@gmail.com or call on 9971968689 (Noida).

Happy Claying :)

Jun 28, 2015

Pottery Workshops for Noida Schools

Last two months had been a roller coaster ride for me. I eagerly look forward to this time of the year when I'm totally mobbed by children. Apart from my studio workshops, I also conducted clay modelling and handbuilding pottery workshops for school children.

I usually avoid taking large group of students in my studio due to space constraints, but i do not miss the chance of conducting workshop for schools and summer camps where the head count ranges from 10 to 200. These workshops give me the chance to meet original thinkers in abundance and that too under one roof. And, ofcourse, as a teacher I also get the chance to polish my teaching skills as well ;)

Jun 13, 2015

Creative Mom

See what's cooking in my studio for last two weeks apart from pottery classes. Meet Jayel...she is the mother of my student whom i met during summer classes. Jayel is a wonderful Homemaker, a Chartered Accountant by profession, and a Creative Soul by birth. And that's not all..,,she is also person with great heart. And yes, I am saying this because she volunteered to paint the logo on the entrance wall of my studio...yuhuuu. So, next time when you'll take stairs to my studio, you will see this big n beautiful logo welcoming you. Once again Thankyou so much Jayel for making this happen with no botheration of sultry summers :)

Jayel herself is a

Cooling Summers with Clay

Meeting new students is always exciting and parting is painful. Summer classes are almost over now and am always happy to introduce this new art form to these growing minds. They learnt slab, coil, and pinch techniques and created new forms around these techniques. This year we experimented Pocket Vases as well. And ofcourse students made Ganesha sculpture as well, which has always been a fav among children and adults. Ganesha idol always seems difficult initially, but with each step things unfold and it turns out to be the easiest of all sculptures. Students made monsters, tea light holders, pen holder, Mask, Pinch pot faces, 2D Shapes, and