May 28, 2015

Handmade Ganesha Sculpture

Clay Ganesha Sculpture
For me, sculpting Ganesha has always been a meditative process. I never plan the design of my Ganesha idol. I simply take a lump of clay and start shaping it. But, yes this time I wanted my Ganesha to look decorative...I wanted to adorn my Ganesha with little jewelry. This is my first attempt to make a big size sculpture but with every new creation I set a new milestone for myself. Now i want to create a bigger sculpture than lets hope it will come up soon.
Till then Ganapati Bappa Morya!!

May 26, 2015

Summer Camp for Little Hands

Roly Poly Roly Poly ..laa raa laa raa laaraa... Roly Poly Roly Poly sumthing sumthing sumthing...This is the latest rhyme that I learnt from my first gang of little potters this summer. They used to sing it while rolling the clay. Poor me dint even know that this was some rhyme...else would have sung with them. Im happy that i got a new jingle for my rolling activity this year sounding crazy :)

This gang of girls was fun loving and chirpy like birdies. They made me laugh, they made me cry, they made me scream, dance.... in short they made me a child once again!!

The first day was little crazy for me as I was busy settling one very cute and restless kid who was going all around my studio jumping here and there. I also tried to lure a cry baby who dint want to attend the class without her mom around. It was a real patience test for me. Finally, I settled the restless one with a promise of individual class and the cry baby finally got settled and gradually made everyone laugh with her cute crazy tricky voice. Apart from fun, ofcourse the kids learnt clay magic and experimented all their wild ideas with soft mushy clay.

I got little emotional on the last day as no student was accepting it as their last day of the camp and each one of them wanted to attend more. So, i finally bid them goodbye with a promise that we will meet soon after holidays to have clay masti once again :) I couldn't click many pics as most of the time i was busy helping them...but finally i managed few pics for my blog. Now, eagerly waiting for the big big camps in schools...yuhuu.

May 25, 2015

Owly Family

Meet new members of my owly family. These are handmade terracotta owls and can be hanged as decor item anywhere everywhere!! Children love making owly with their own style and precision during clay modelling classes and it is a big hit among adults too.

Will soon upload a video of same...

May 22, 2015

Article by Little Black Book Delhi

Aww...its such a happy happy feeling (and exciting too) when popular websites write about you. Little Black Book has listed our pottery and clay modelling classes for summer camp in Delhi/NCR region. Click the below link to read the complete article...Thankyou Little Black Book :) 

May 19, 2015

Video: How to Make a Clay Rose

Avika is demonstrating steps to make a Clay Rose. I loved the way she described each step. She also ensured that she doesn't miss out special tips of clay handling, such as to keep clay wet during summers and handle clay like a baby :) 
I have edited the video little as she has continuously spoken in repeat steps as well :)

Demonstration Steps:
1) Make 5 round balls of clay ( For a bigger rose, you can make more balls of bigger size)
2) Flatten them with your palm to make them look like Petals.
3) Now, join petal by overlapping petals over each other (on the edge)
4) Roll the attached series of petals like an egg roll. Do not press it while rolling
5) Now, squeeze it from the bottom and insert a toothpick to make it convenient to hold.

Happy Claying

May 9, 2015

Summer Camp in Noida

This summer let your child do what they love most...Play with Mitti and create their first masterpiece with natural earthen clay. 
Our courses are designed to teach clay handling to kids and enable them to independently create their own clay model or pottery piece.
For Registration details, call at 9971968689 or write an email to

Happy Summer :)

May 7, 2015

Journey of a Coil Pot

Below is a series of pics that would take you to the journey of how a simple coil building technique can be used to create large vase or lamp. Handbuilding Technique gives you freedom to shape and experiment with shapes. Though, i experimented to smoothen the surface and then later give a textured look, but somehow i always cherish the coil look.

Happily Claying forever :)

Terracotta Sun Planter

Terracotta Wall Decor cum Pocket Vase

This is a terracotta planter with a face of Sun God. It is a kind of pocket vase which can be hanged on the wall. This pottery piece is made using slab technique wherein two slabs of clay are joined together with a hollow space in between. You can keep a roll of newspaper between two slabs to give a curvy shape and later row a small planter. This is a perfect wall decor and gives an ethnic look to your balcony or entrance wall. 
Happy Claying!!

wall planter