Apr 29, 2015

Clay Modelling Project

Clay Box
Here are few clay modelling projects completed by students in the studio. It's wonderful to see the inclination of youngsters especially of school children and college students towards learning clay modelling. Students are either opting clay modelling and pottery as hobby or learning this art to improve g their visualization skills. Clay is not just limited to designing students. Today even engineering students are required to work on clay to make their 3-D models. Clay gives the opportunity to students to turn their visualization into a 3-D shape. I'm happy that schools and colleges are incorporating clay modelling as part of their curriculum.
Some of the ideas for making clay projects are like a clay piggy bank. This could be made with hands using pinch technique. Or a jewelry box by joining clay slabs in right order. Or animation students can even make a cartoon character and define their features in detail.

Square clay box

Clay pot

Clay animals

Sculpting Classes in noida
Clay Sculpting

Apr 23, 2015

Claiying Thoughts in Noida Times

First, I was speechless, then numb...then a little excited, then gone mad :)
Haaahaaaa...we are making news again. Noida Times has mentioned about us in their cover story on Summer Camp in Noida....yippeeee.

Apr 13, 2015

Summer Splash with Clay

Dear Parents,
The Squeezing, Squashing, Claying, and Coloring has begun in the studio. We are all set to start summer sessions for kids. Lot of fun activities are planned for kids to explore the magic of clay and shape their ideas using wet terracotta clay. So, this summer let your child do what they love most.."Play with mitti" and let Surf Excel do the rest :)

Happily welcoming summers!!