Mar 21, 2015

A Letter to CLAY

My dear soft mushy Clay,

Hope you are doing well and trust me I'm not feeling good without you. I'm madly and badly missing you these days. Its been sooo long since i felt your magic touch. I know you are missing me too. Its just that I'm on a spree to a stressful world of 9 to 9 job for couple of weeks....far away from you stress free world of Claying. 

Hope you are feeling safe and moistened in the plastic blanket i wrapped you in. I know you are quite bored and tired lying in one corner of my studio, but trust me i will be back with lot of new surprises for you. Time flies i'll soon catch you with lot of ideas bubbling in my head. My little potters are also eagerly waiting to mess their hands and play around with you. 

So, keep the patience and keep coming in my dreams
Happily claying in thoughts :)