Dec 24, 2015

Clay Project for College Students

My new student is pursuing Interior Designing and chose Pottery for her college project. I was happy to find that she chose something other than her comfort area as she never had worked with clay before.

Her purpose was to explore clay as a medium of art and create some functional pottery piece for her organizing her tools. I loved the way she implemented the simple clay technique into an attractive, funny, and unique desk organizer. Few other sculptures that she experimented were a designer tile for wall and a Pacman character :)

Winter Classes at Pottery Studio

Sharing few clay projects completed by students at Claying Thoughts!! Love for clay is purely reflected in students' work as each piece is crafted with lot of patience and hardwork. There is lot of thinking behind each piece before it is finally ready for the kiln. These students may not have mastered this art yet. But, they are surely carving each piece like their first masterpiece.

The beauty of handbuilding pottery technique is that they are so simple to learn and let you convert your visualization into reality. I always convey to pottery lovers that clay is not a rocket science, nor u need to be a creative person to create your first pot. All you need is

Dec 14, 2015

Clay House

Slab building
A small light house constructed using slabs of clay. Windows are added to let sea breeze flow inside and light reflect outside ;)
Happy Claying

Clay Sculpture Projects for School

2d sculpture
Clay is more than a child's play. Today schools, colleges, and institutes are also incorporating clay modelling and sculpture as one of the subject in their semesters. Be it an Engineering student, or an architecture or interior designing student or someone learning fashion or accessory designing; everyone needs a medium to express their creativity. And clay is the best medium for converting ideas into 3-D form. At school level, children appearing for their XII class exams also have clay modelling and sculpting as one of their compulsory subjects for board exams.

Sculpture project for colleges

Clay Project for Architect Student

Sculpture Classes for Designing Students

Abstract Clay Art

With clay, students can make a simple wall art, human figure, animals, pen holder, car models, building structure, house, desk organizer, shoes, accessories or any utility item like pen holder. In the recent past, we have been getting students from college and school who are attending workshops for creating clay sculpture for their final clay project submission. These are comprehensive workshops and students are able to complete their clay projects in few classes.

Sculpture Project for Fashion Designing Students
Its always fun to create clay pieces with own hands. But sometimes, when school and college students lack time, they can even outsource the work to us. We have a pool of pottery students who would love to help and create a clay project. For more details, please call or write to us at
Clay Modelling Workshop for Engineering Students

Clay Model Project for Interior Designing Students
Clay Square box
Square box

2D sculpture 3D sculpture noida
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Dec 6, 2015

Terracotta Incense Holder

I recently attempted to make a clay incense stick holder. Wanted to try something unique...something that brings in the fragrance of flowers with butterflies flying around. So why not have everything in one piece. ..and here is the final visualization :) Also, sharing pics of my previous work in the same category..these have been sold out but still hold a place in my heart.
Happy Claying!!

Creative Workshop for Corporate Employees

creative art for employees
Claying is something that everyone enjoys irrespective of age, gender, profession, and interest. Last month, I got a chance to conduct Pottery workshop at RMSI-ians at their in-house amphitheater. The occasion was Diwali, so everyone wanted to try their hands in sculpting Ganesha idol. And the fun was that no one ever had experience in claying.

It was absolutely wonderful to watch techies coming out of their cubical and decoding the secret of claying. Thanks RMSI for giving us this wonderful opportunity to spread this art form. Its wonderful to see how RMSI maintain work-life balance for employees :)

Happy Claying!!

Techie Mouse of Lord Ganesha

team building exercise for employees

Nov 4, 2015

Say "NO" to Bargain for Diwali Diyas

Image Source:
Do you know that a Diya (Earthen Lamp) worth Rupees 2 that you buy from a road side potter during Diwali festival goes through 8 stages before it brightens your home.

Read this post if you love pottery, inquisitive to know the process of diya making, and believe that the hard working traditional potters deserve to earn an extra income during Diwali festival like we get bonus/gifts.

And, if you don't get time to read this post, then please try not to bargain for any terracotta diya or god idols that you buy directly from the small potters (or do very little bargain if you think you are being overcharged). I believe, if we can make Amazon or Snapdeal super rich during Diwali, then why not make our traditional potters earn what they deserve. So, help our traditional potters lit their home and celebrate Diwali in a happier buy Terracotta Lamps for Diwali :)

In this post, I will give you an overview of  life cycle of a terracotta diya (Earthen Lamp) made by our traditional potters.

Oct 16, 2015

From Creation to Visarjan of Ganpati Bappa Idol

Creating Ganesha Idol has always been an auspicious process for me. Every time I get an order for creating the Ganesha Idol for festival, I feel immensely blessed. It's like getting an opportunity to create the idol of our CREATOR. The day when Ganesha Festival starts, it embarks the birth of Lord Ganesha and the artists start creating the idol months before the festival. When I create the idol, it gives me a feeling as if I'm creating a life....Creation process is similar to how a baby develops in mother's womb...all parts of the body are slowly created...fingers, eyes, feet, ears...everything. Sometimes, this thought gives me goose bumps and at the same time give me proud feeling for being blessed with this art of visualization.

I can never plan the design of my Ganesha comes naturally to me. So if a client requests to replicate a design, I simply say NO. as my designs comes naturally from my heart and they are original. Though, I take care of small details if client specially wants them in their idol. Like this year, a Tamilian family wanted a big idol for their home with specification for a traditional crown and a small snake around the waist. I happy to found about the significance of a snake around Ganesha's waist. There is a long story behind but in short, the snake around belly represent all forms of energy.

Sep 18, 2015

How to do Ganesha Visarjan at Home?

4" Clay Ganesha Idol Immersed in Water
The idea of writing this post is for the people who want to do Ganesh Visarjan but are unable to go to river or sea for Idol immersion. Visarjan can be done at home in an auspicious way.
But for this you need to ensure that your Ganpati Idol is eco-friendly, that is, it should be made with natural clay (water soluble). A clay idol may not be called 100% eco-friendly if it is painted with synthetic colours. You need to use natural colours like geru, haldi, rice paste, and so on. This will make a perfect eco-friendly Ganesha Idol.

Make sure you use clean bucket and fill it with clean water. Add few flowers. Below are the steps demonstrated as how the clay idol is immersed in water and then the water is poured in plants.

Sep 10, 2015

Happy Ganesh Utsav 2015

Its absolutely divine to create the idol of your God with own hands. On the occasion of Ganeshotsav, we are organizing eco-friendly clay Ganesha Idol workshop for children and adults in Noida, Sector 21.
The participants will be provided

Sep 8, 2015

Save Environment....Use Eco-Friendly Ganesha Idol

My idea of writing this blogpost is to make readers aware of the benefits of using eco-friendly Ganesha idol.

A Ganesha Idol made with environment friendly ingredients, such as clay, paper, flowers, and dried straw.

During Ganesha Chaturthi festival, devotees immerse the idols of Lord Ganesha in rivers and lakes. Idols that are made with synthetic material like POP or fibre can pollute environment when

Sep 6, 2015

Terracotta Owl Collection

My studio is flourishing with Owlies....all around. Some have flown away and few are still dangling in the studio.  It fun experimenting with the style, shape, and size. And, this is the reason why no two owly are same. The beauty of handwork is that you don't get bored unlike slip casting wherein you replicate your work with mould. Every time, you create unique and new designs, which cannot be replicated by anyone....Happy Claying :)

Aug 1, 2015

Eco-friendly Ganesha Idol

biodegradable Ganesha Idol
Bappa chaley Pardes ....yes you heard it right. My Ganesha Idol is all set to fly to Sweden for Ganesha Chaturthi Festival. An Indian family specifically wanted an unbaked natural clay idol as the POP (Plaster of Paris) idols are strictly not allowed to be immersed in the river. Clay idols are made of natural mitti and are easily dissolved in water. Let's hope we too celebrate festivals in India in an eco-friendly way and save our rivers.

Happily Sculpting more Ganesha Idols for festival!!

Jul 1, 2015

A Meditative Trip to India

My new student Vicky is an Occupational Therapist from London, who visited India to experience Meditation, Himalayas, and Clay (this sounds really Divine :)

Vicky joined our one-week program to specifically learn handbuilding pottery. She loves the idea of being with children and enthusiastically participated in summer camp too.
Thanks Vicky for visiting our studio. It was an absolutely heartwarming experience watching you create smiling Buddha face, Ganesha Idol, the spiritual “Om” (Aum) symbol, and lots of other clay forms.Your sincerity and zeal to learn pottery in Delhi's hot sultry summers motivated many of us in the studio.
Love to have you again in my pottery world :)
Below are some of the creations Vicky learnt in a short span with her sheer hard work and dedication.

Happy Claying with You!!

Jun 30, 2015

Less Privileged...Highly Talented

It is the time of the year that I enjoy most. For me pottery is secondary here. I eagerly look forward to meet kids, see their creativity, and explore different out of box ideas. Yes, I'm talking about my summer camp with NGOs where i get to meet less privileged but extremely talented kids and I eagerly look forward to this event every year.
They teach me how to excel in minimal conditions. Who has time to crib for electricity cutoff, poor facilities, sweating when creativity is all over the mind ;)

Jun 29, 2015

Mask Making Workshop

For those who want to make a tribal mask with terracotta clay, but find it difficult to make, then we have a good news for you. Mask making is quite easy. You don't need big tools or space to make a Clay Mask. Anyone can make it with few simple instructions. All you need is the right picture in your mind and the simple clay handling technique. Here are few pictures of Terracotta Masks made by students during pottery classes. Hope you like them and get some mask making ideas too :)

If you want to make a MASK with your friends or spouse or siblings, or office colleagues then contact us. We can organize a Terracotta Mask Making workshop for you. Write to us at or call on 9971968689 (Noida).

Happy Claying :)

Jun 28, 2015

Pottery Workshops for Noida Schools

Last two months had been a roller coaster ride for me. I eagerly look forward to this time of the year when I'm totally mobbed by children. Apart from my studio workshops, I also conducted clay modelling and handbuilding pottery workshops for school children.

I usually avoid taking large group of students in my studio due to space constraints, but i do not miss the chance of conducting workshop for schools and summer camps where the head count ranges from 10 to 200. These workshops give me the chance to meet original thinkers in abundance and that too under one roof. And, ofcourse, as a teacher I also get the chance to polish my teaching skills as well ;)

Jun 13, 2015

Creative Mom

See what's cooking in my studio for last two weeks apart from pottery classes. Meet Jayel...she is the mother of my student whom i met during summer classes. Jayel is a wonderful Homemaker, a Chartered Accountant by profession, and a Creative Soul by birth. And that's not all..,,she is also person with great heart. And yes, I am saying this because she volunteered to paint the logo on the entrance wall of my studio...yuhuuu. So, next time when you'll take stairs to my studio, you will see this big n beautiful logo welcoming you. Once again Thankyou so much Jayel for making this happen with no botheration of sultry summers :)

Jayel herself is a

Cooling Summers with Clay

Meeting new students is always exciting and parting is painful. Summer classes are almost over now and am always happy to introduce this new art form to these growing minds. They learnt slab, coil, and pinch techniques and created new forms around these techniques. This year we experimented Pocket Vases as well. And ofcourse students made Ganesha sculpture as well, which has always been a fav among children and adults. Ganesha idol always seems difficult initially, but with each step things unfold and it turns out to be the easiest of all sculptures. Students made monsters, tea light holders, pen holder, Mask, Pinch pot faces, 2D Shapes, and

May 28, 2015

Handmade Ganesha Sculpture

Clay Ganesha Sculpture
For me, sculpting Ganesha has always been a meditative process. I never plan the design of my Ganesha idol. I simply take a lump of clay and start shaping it. But, yes this time I wanted my Ganesha to look decorative...I wanted to adorn my Ganesha with little jewelry. This is my first attempt to make a big size sculpture but with every new creation I set a new milestone for myself. Now i want to create a bigger sculpture than lets hope it will come up soon.
Till then Ganapati Bappa Morya!!

May 26, 2015

Summer Camp for Little Hands

Roly Poly Roly Poly ..laa raa laa raa laaraa... Roly Poly Roly Poly sumthing sumthing sumthing...This is the latest rhyme that I learnt from my first gang of little potters this summer. They used to sing it while rolling the clay. Poor me dint even know that this was some rhyme...else would have sung with them. Im happy that i got a new jingle for my rolling activity this year sounding crazy :)

This gang of girls was fun loving and chirpy like birdies. They made me laugh, they made me cry, they made me scream, dance.... in short they made me a child once again!!

The first day was little crazy for me as I was busy settling one very cute and restless kid who was going all around my studio jumping here and there. I also tried to lure a cry baby who dint want to attend the class without her mom around. It was a real patience test for me. Finally, I settled the restless one with a promise of individual class and the cry baby finally got settled and gradually made everyone laugh with her cute crazy tricky voice. Apart from fun, ofcourse the kids learnt clay magic and experimented all their wild ideas with soft mushy clay.

I got little emotional on the last day as no student was accepting it as their last day of the camp and each one of them wanted to attend more. So, i finally bid them goodbye with a promise that we will meet soon after holidays to have clay masti once again :) I couldn't click many pics as most of the time i was busy helping them...but finally i managed few pics for my blog. Now, eagerly waiting for the big big camps in schools...yuhuu.