Oct 27, 2014

Terracotta Lamps for Diwali Festival

Terracotta Lamps for Festival
Tea light lamps have always been my weakness and I love making them whenever I get a chance to make one ....reason they give such a warmth and festive look to my house. And so do my students feel. They crave for making lamps for their home. So this Diwali lots of tealights are being made and completed by aspiring potters. Each of these tea light lamps are made with hands and carved using simple tools. Its always a great feeling to see when you become the creator of your own things!!
Happy Festivities!!

Tealight lamps made by a Student (Seema)

Fish Lamp by Shivani

Square Terracotta Lamp made by a Student (Seema)

Tealight lamps made by Seema

Tealight lamps made by Seema

Oct 18, 2014

Pottery Workshop at Craft Fest

So the day I had been looking forward has come to an end with lot of sweet memories in heart. the experience was worth experiencing for me as for the first time, I taught three generations on same platform that included a Grandmother, Mother, and a Grandson. It was an open platform for all age groups and so was the opportunity for parents and children to spend time together. Moms with younger babies got their husbands for baby sitting while moms with grown up children decided to spend time with their kids learning new skill but with different perspective. Here are few glimpse of pottery workshop conducted at Craft Fest at Centerstage Mall, Noida.

Oct 13, 2014

We are making NEWS!!

How does it feel when one fine day, you open the newspaper and read something good about yourself!! Im sure you will certainly feel like a celebrity and that's how i felt when Noida Times wrote about my pottery classes on cover page. Yipeee..thanks Noida Times for writing about our pottery classes!!

Oct 7, 2014

Joy of Giving

What the Joy of Giving is.... i totally felt it today.

I have been looking for cheap air tickets for more thn a month fr a trip to Bangalore. But poor me...prices of flights were extremely high. I had been postponing ticket booking on a hope that one day these flight kings will slash their prices.

But today, i really made up my mind and thought of booking tickets on whatever prices i get. I was totally zapped to see the slashed prices of air tickets without any announcements. I quickly booked tickets and saved saved 6K..Woww!!

And then...without wasting much time i logged in to Cancer foundation site and donated some part of my saved money!! Yes...i felt joy of sharing my saving!!

So next time try this....if you get surprise discount on your fav branded stuff, donate a part of saved money to any person in need ....you will really feel the joy of saving and sharing :)

Happy Sharing and Giving :)