Sep 30, 2014

Craft Fest India - Creative Learning

So today's post is not about my new pottery creation or any particular creative thing I discovered is purely about a creative thought...the thought behind "CRAFT FEST INDIA".

I'm sure, most of you love visiting Craft Exhibition or Mela or Utsav where you get a chance to see or buy variety of handmade crafts and sometimes even wonder how the artist turn a simple thing into a beautiful object.

Now just about a Mela where you can actually learn these art forms. Well, Craft Fest is like a mela where you can explore and learn different crafts from specialized artists and that too in couple of hours.

You can choose from a variety of crafts and learn the one you like most ranging from quilling, jewelry making, pottery, clay modelling, traditional painting and much more!! So everything under one roof...well craft fest is not a permanent roof. They travel within city, across city and across states just to provide the learning facilities within their reach.

The concept of craft festival is quite popular in western countries. Huge camps are organised and artists from across country are clubbed together at one place to teach different art and craft forms to children and adults. Craft Fest India would be one of the first such initiative in India. Their launch event will be at Centerstage Mall (Wave Mall), Sector-18, Noida on 18th October 2014.

Definitely, one of the reason for writing about Craft fest is that I'm excited to be part of their launch events. Secondly, i really liked this entire concept because as a child i always use to crave for a place where I just go, learn and come back...regular classes always bored me!! So this one place would be really interesting!! Currently they are doing it in Delhi NCR. but soon will be crossing borders to spread this love for craft. So do follow their page to know when the next camp will be organised in your city at

Happy Crafting :)

Sep 7, 2014

Day10: Miniature Ganesha Idol Series

Finally the final final ganesha creation in my Ganesha Idol series is ready...this is the 10th member in my Ganesha idol series!! The remaining series is posted in the previous posts!!

Ganesha Chaturthi is one of the most celebrated festival in starts with "Ganesh Chaturthi" day and ends with "Visarjan" Day - a day when everyone bid farewell to their Ganesha Idols by immersing it in sea, river, water tanks!! Eco-friendly ganesha idols are popularly used by people as it doesn't  spoil our water resources!!
you can read about this festival more at:

Thankyou Ganesha for showering your blessings on me and giving me some fantabulous ideas for making contemporary series!! Ganapti Bappa Morya!!

Sep 6, 2014

Day9: Miniature Ganesha Idol Series

The 9th members of bappa family is ready..I added a twist in this can b hanged on wall or in your car :)
Happy Happy Ganesha :)

Sep 5, 2014

Day8: Miniature Ganesha Idol Series

Abstract Ganesha.....this one I made couple of days back n thn decided not to add it in the miniature series as i found it too vague to share.....but wth no energy to try anything new today...I decided to share with u all:)
So may I present the 8th member of my bappa idol...somehow im liking it today!! Happy Go Lucky 

Sep 4, 2014

Day7: Miniature Ganesha Idol Series

Here is the 7th member of my Bappa family!! This one is little close to my heart as the whole sculpture is based on just a bottom ring...initially got few cracks, then a big made it..remade it and then finally did it Couldn't get the round ring the way i wanted, but im happy that it has come out well...So happy claying!!

Sep 3, 2014

Day6: Miniature Ganesha Idol Series

Jay dev jay dev jay mangal murti......Darshanmatre mankamana purti.....Jay Dev Jaydev!!

The 6th member of my Bappa family wants to greet you all 
Today this design just popped up in my mind within seconds of touching the was a magical day today...was totally drained with flu but the ideas were smoothly pouring in my mind.....thankyouuu Gannu Bappa 

Sep 2, 2014

Sep 1, 2014

Day4: Miniature Ganesha Idol Series is the 4th bappa in the family...celebrating Sunday in resting mood:) this one I scribbled last evng as Sunday is a holiday  Morya Morya Ganpati Bappa Morya!!