Apr 29, 2014

Pottery Classes for Summer Holidays

Summer holidays are about to start and Im sure parents and kids must have started "Googling" for summer camps or hobby activities by now. With so many options around....the biggest question for them is which one?? We definitely want our kids to make best use of these holidays rather than spending long hours in front of idiot box. I personally feel that a child must be indulged in any creative activity that he or she could pursue as a hobby in long run (which some of us "including me" missed in our childhood). I still remember, as a child I used to create lot of art stuff during holidays. My fav were paper craft and "Best out of waste"!! Since there were not many art classes or internet access in those days, we friends use to run through magazines at home or scan weekend newspapers to look for craft tutorials. And if we were fortunate enough, we get to see few creative programs on our very own DoorDarshan DD channel.

Phewww...coming back to 2014...today when i see kids learning new crafts on "Art Attack", I really feel jealous as they are so resourceful and lucky :) Anyways..we were taking about Summer Holiday activities for kids. Well, you have a plethora of activities to choose from, but I have already shortlisted some of the activities for my (not yet arrived) kids. Hopefully these people continue spreading their skills by the time my kids grow up. (These are purely my personal preferences!!)
  • Kathashala by Simi Srivastava for storytelling workshop
  • Ukti (Waldorf School)...i dont know if they have any summer camp but i really like their entire concept of education
  • Prakriti as play school for my child
  • Quilling art...its quite new and interesting form of art - Indulging Arts by Tanvi
  • Papercutting by Teekhii Chhurii (that's in Mumbai0
  • Painting classes (I really like the painting classes by Shivani of Creative Dimensions, Noida...she gives quite personalized attention to students) (link yet to be added)
  • Pottery classes...not just at Claying Thoughts but anywhere ;) That's one of the best activity a child can indulge in during summer holidays...Play with Mitti :) (www.clayingthoughts.in)
Hope you will be able to filter out best for your kid...but dont forget to spend some really productive hours with your child and let them watch my fav Chotta Bheem for an hour in a day :)

Apr 26, 2014

Clay Superheros

Ninja Turtle -  Lenardo with Blue Bandana
Sometimes, i really get awestruck when i see little hands weaving their tiny miny ideas through clay. I got a huge list of such wonders to share with you, but can't scribble all them....... But im really excited to share one such incidence of my new pottery student Pulkit.

The very first thing i liked about him is that he didn't like my clay curriculum... he came prepared to my clay class with his own set of ideas. On Day-One he announced that he wants to make a complete range of his superheros!! (What a contrast - girls says barbie and boys want superheros) Phewww...

I was actually confused as how ninjas look like as i never saw ninja character so closely,. When i tried guiding him with my usual style of adding feet and hands...he simply moved my hand as he thought i was spoiling his ninja ....all he wanted me to do was fix the clay properly...so the hands or head doesn't fall off. He has now learnt the technique of joining/attaching as well...so no point of my interfering in his creation :)

On top of it, he asked me if i know the name of Ninja with blue bandana.... I was like...WHATT!! 
In his own accent he told me the names of four Ninjas...Though I couldn't get the names clearly but i nodded like an intelligent listener. Immediately after my class got over, i googled names of Ninjas...What i got to know is that there are four types of Ninjas and you can identify them with the color of the bandana they wear...So next time your child ask you to make a "Raphael" Ninja...then do paint his bandana with red. Here is the complete list of Ninjas: 
  1. Blue for “Lenardo”
  2. Orange for “Michelangelo"
  3. Purple for “Donatello”
  4. Red for “Raphael”
I'm doing my homework on all superheros/cartoon characters...don't know what would be my next challenge as my students want to make Doremon, Bheem, chutki, Barbie...oh god save me!!

Happy Claying!!

Ninja - Raphael with Red Bandana

Clay Modelling by young kids

Plastic Ninja toy with Blue Bandana

Apr 3, 2014

Pottery Workshop @ March Holidays

Its spring time and my studio is blooming with lovely bunch of kids!!

March is a masti time for kids as final exams get over around mid march and children look forward to holiday masti. There is no stopping from playing, cycling, ice creaming, cartooning as they get license to enjoy.... with no homework to do. And that's what children did at my studio...they did masti with clay, color, water n squirrels (who always roam around my studio). The whole idea of this workshop was to teach them about clay and basics of handbuilding techniques.

What I loved most during these workshops is the imaginative workld children live in...same thing they showcase in their creation. I was little surprised with their zeal to experiment and do something different. Some wanted animated effects in their creation, some wanted contemporary, and the one of them wanted to have just fun!! My biggest challenge was to teach them patience...as some of the creation required little patience and clay pampering, which kids learn over a period of time. Overall a great learning experience for me as a teacher, future parent and a clay artist!! Some of creative stuff kids made are showcased below.
Great Show Bacchha Party!! Happy Holidays!!

Pinch Pot
Creative Pen Holder made using pinch technique and shaped as a sprinkler by Devang

Clay Monster by Resham

Coil Pots made by students

Coil pot turned into an Iron Man hand by Devang

A contemporary clay mask by Resham

Snake pot taught to me by Resham

A colorful coil pot by Niyatii

Whio is the King of jungle - Lion Faces

Smart Boy by Kashvi

Clay gifts made by students for me...the one with big ears is me..that's what one of my student feels :)

Clay Mask with an eye popping out!!


Apr 2, 2014

Are we promoting corruption?

Yes...atleast i did!!
This post is not about any netaji or babu. Its about a simple auto rickshaw wala.

It started with my search for an auto rickshaw to a nearest metro station, which was hardly 1 Km away. Since the distance was short, autowalas were demanding relatively high prices and none of them was ready to go by meter. I left three autos in this price war and cursed them silently (and politely) for being so rude. Finally, i decided to shed my ego and made up my mind to give them whatever money they ask for as i was in real hurry. There I waved my hand and stopped an autowala......."Bhaiyya...Tilak nagar metro starion chaloge....Kitna logey"....and to my surprise he just nodded his head and pulled down the meter!!

Yippeee......was what i could hear in my head!! finally i succeeded...how much will i save...this guy is cool...try n try till you succeed...all these thoughts were bungee jumping in my head and i reached my destination in few minutes...meter reading was just 25 bugs!! i paid and rushed to catch my metro!!

Suddenly, a thought struck my mind. Why didn't i appreciate that autowala for his honesty...for doing what is right...which is a rare sight these days (infact rare species to find)!!

Here i promoted corruption!!

Why????......well did i appreciate him for his honesty...did i gave him any reward...atleast i could have given him a "Frooty" i was carrying in my bag!! I felt realllllly bad!! I am sure if that guy would have asked 60 bugs, i would have criticized him for being unreasonable!! So why didn't I spared 5 seconds to appreciate him. In a way, if i have not appreciated him for being honest...I have promoted corruption!!

In past, we debated so much around making video of corrupt people and expose them...but what about making video of honest people...or do we appreciate them or recognize them!! just wondering :)

Well...its never too late!! Atleast, I will make a point of appreciating people around me who do their job honestly....just the right way!!

Happy Learning for me!!