Mar 15, 2014

Play with Clay: Holi Celebration with Kids

Ever played HOLI with clay....try it will love!!

Celebrated Holi with kids and had tremendous amount of fun ...we messed our hands and feet in clay and enjoyed crushing clay with feet like grape stomping at winery. Initially kids were reluctant to step into clay tubs ...then i had to remind them about Surf Excel..."Daag Aache Hai Na"...After that there was no stopping...later they were not ready to come out of clay tubs!!! I really wanted to do this activity with kids to keep them connected with earth...the fun which we had in our childhood must be passed on to next generation :) Happy Claying and Happy Holi!!

Mar 7, 2014

Pottery Workshop for Corporate Employees

Pottery Workshop for Team Building and Fun Activity of employees
Pottery Workshop for Employees
It was the day to dance, feel proud, feel elated, feel creative....just Feel GOOD about everything!!
It was a Women's Day celebration at Steria and I got the opportunity to give a clay experience to all the participants. I wanted to make this day memorable, joyable for the participants who took out time from their busy schedule to learn something new!!
Stress bursting activity for employees

I found the participants quite enthusiastic like young children who wanted to roll their fingers on clay, squeeze it n shape it. All the participants thoroughly enjoyed the session and experimented variety of creations. At the end of workshop, participants went back with their creation and big smile of their face!!