Feb 26, 2014

Pottery Classes and Clay Modelling for Summer Camp

Clay Modelling Workshop for Kids at Summer Camp in Noida
Winters are not yet over and the booking for summer camp are in full swing at Claying Thoughts. In last two weeks, i have got couple of queries from parents, schools, corporate, and institutes for organizing clay modelling workshop for summer camp. I'm not just thrilled but excited that schools and parents want earthy connections for their children. Clay Modelling seems to be the top favorite for summer camps. Children love to explore, squeeze, shape and reshape clay and create a meaningful object using a small lump of clay. All they need is little guidance and hand holding and they create their masterpiece within few minutes. Clay not only helps them to turn their visualization into reality but also help them improve their fine motor skills.

Apart from young children, teenagers and adults also wants to try their hands in wet terracotta clay and make their first pot. But very few of them are aware that pottery can be made with handbuilding techniques without the use of wheel or molds. With few simple tricks and tools one can create tiles, coasters, vases, flowers, small pots, bowls, masks, wind chimes, lamps...All they need is a small work space to mold their ideas into reality!!

Ganesha Idol Workshop for Adults

Handbuilding Pottery for Young Children and Adults

Feb 8, 2014

Terracotta Ganesha Idol Making Workshop

Here is a glimpe of Ganesha Idols made by students at a "Ganesha Idol" sculpting workshop. Kids wanted to make Ganpati with a "Dholak" and adults wanted to make a Ganesha with a "modak". Overall a new learning experience for me. Lot of workshops been booked for March...so many more Ganesha sculpture to be conceived at Claying Thoughts.

To make a Ganesha idol, you don't need to be a creative person. All you need is love for your God Ganesha, rest we will guide you ;)
To book a workshop, contact us at +91 9971968689 or mail at clayingthoughts@gmail.com

Ganesha Idol by Resham, Ronit, and Nikita

Ganesha idol by Ruhaan, Miraya, and Ana

Feb 7, 2014

Maple Leaf Clay Coasters

Terracotta Clay Coaster
Hand-carved Maple Leaf Coaster....a perfect table decor piece. These can be used as resting place for your teacups, teabags, and votive candle. Each of these coasters are handbuilt.
A very popular handbuilding technique is used to create these leaves. A slab of clay is rolled and then individual maple leaves are carefully hand-cut from the slab of clay. Edges are then curved, smoothened, sharpened, and fine lines are carved out to give the natural effect to the maple leaf. 
After firing, each of these leaves were individually sandpapered and handpainted.
I hope the buyer of these coasters appreaicate the creative effort and take care of them like real ones :)

Happy Claying :)

You can also shop for these coasters at


or mail me at clayingthoughts@gmail.com

Terracotta Pottery

Feb 3, 2014

Terracotta Clay Name Plates

Handmade Name PlateMy latest pottery installation at home....Terracotta Name Plates designed for my studio!!
Just wanted to place them at the front wall of my home to help visitors locate my studio. And also to give an earthy look with little charms hanging through the clay slab.

Both the pieces are quite close to my heart....these are my first gift to my studio. The most beautiful part is that the moment i posted pics on my FB page, I got my first order for a personalized name plate by a couple!! Yipeeee!!

Happy Claying!!

Handmade Name Plate

Feb 1, 2014

Creative Help

Couple of days back, I happened to discuss with a friend about the true meaning of "Happiness" in our life. We were discussing why is it that people don't cherish what they already have (including us).....why do they need to run after things which they don't have. During our conversation, she mentioned one very beautiful sentence which touched my heart. In short, it meant....

At times when we feel that things are not going the way we want or we are not getting what we want, then we should stop n think that now is the time for us to "GIVE" back to others. By "Giving" means help of any kind....may be just a helping hand, advice, empathize, appreciation, monetary help, creative help!! A help with no purpose...just for happiness!! Giving to others may or may not give us what we want but it would definitely open our doors to happiness!!

Most of us relate "Giving" with monetary help. But believe me other forms of "Help" would give far more happiness than what money can give. There was another incidence i would like to mention here that was somewhat related to this thought.

Most of us feel sad on seeing the plight of beggars on street during chilly winters or scorching summers and we tend to give them money to pacify our souls....in a way encourage begging. I'm one of those guilty souls but my better half discourage this style of philanthropic activity on road. He is from different school of thought and has his own way of philanthropy. So I thought of some new way to ease off my guilt of being privileged or in other words give Thanks to God for blessing me with more.

Few months back I decided that every time when I go out for shopping, I will keep aside 10% of my shopping amount in a pouch. This would give me a chance to collect some money for needy people and also save me from the guilt of big shopping without giving back to the society. Alas!! Most of the time I forgot filling up that pouch but thankfully I was able to collect enough money for charity purpose. So, I went to an orphanage near gurgaon. There I met a lovely lady who was in charge of there. She felt happy and thanked me for this gesture. I met kids and distributed sweets and talked to them for few minutes and decided to leave as I was in hurry like always. Before leaving, the lady said something really nice and touchy. She said next time do keep some time extra and spend with kids, read them stories, teach them creative stuff....that would be the biggest help!! I wanted to go back there but couldn't as it was quite far from my home (its rightly said distances are in mind). 

Anyways, I kept that lesson in my mind and took my first step towards creative help. I met couple of kids during a "Clean Drive" held in our sector. I invited couple of kids to experience clay at my studio. The overall experience was enlightening. You can gauge that from their face expressions. In the coming months, I'm planning to conduct summer workshops for such talented kids and promote clay as a medium of learning. Hope will succeed in this endeavor. Here are few smiling moments during clay modeling workshop with children (with hidden talent).
Happy Claying!!