Dec 24, 2014

Christmas Clay Craft

Clay Snowman made by children
Clay Snowman

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the Way. Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh!! Hey....Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the Way :)

Wow...the Xmas memories are refreshed in mind with these little ones making clay miniatures for Xmas.. My studio is blooming with these tiny miny clay sculptures which all the young potters created with their own will find a Clay Santa, Snowman, Xmas Tree, Hangings in my studio. Here are some of the clay projects completed by students...could manage to click only few!!

Wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!!
Happy Claying!1

Clay Santa
Clay Santa with small gifts
Xmas tree with snow flakes
Xmas Tree made with clay

Clay work made for xmas celebration

Xmas week celebrated at Claying Thoughts
Clay Xmas Trees

Dec 19, 2014

Pinch Pot Ideas

Pinching techniques looks quite simple but most of the time we run short of ideas when we are making one. So here are few pinch pot ideas ranging from a monster, kitty, fish, pot, tealight holder, pen holder that may pump in new ideas in your thought process. 

Nov 10, 2014

Big Clay Pots by Students

Students displaying their coil project
Two rock stars of my studio took a challenge of making big coil pot independently. Though it took each of them around 3 sessions, but trust me patience and excitement didn't fade away. Radhika Myra are certainly not of same age group but the spark and desire to learn new is always on top of their desire list. They patiently listens and grabs what i explain them and religiously adapt it in their creation and the result is in front of you.
It gives me immense pleasure to scribble about them in my blog as they are current rock stars of my studio. Now, im thinking what to teach them next as they have completed their respective levels and want to explore more. Happily Thinking and Claying!!

Day 1 of Coil pot

Yo yo..Happily building coils

Radhika building pot

Final touch to the pot

Celebrating Success

myra Scribbled her name and date at the back

Big Coil pot by Myra

Nov 7, 2014

Family Nameplate for Home

Terracotta Nameplate
Family Nameplate with Hangings
There was a spark in my eye when i opened the kiln and found this nameplate intact and safe. I made this nameplate with lot of love in my heart....seeing the bonding and love of this sweet family. I wanted to use a happy font so each alphabet is handcarved without the use of any stencil or mold. The little terracotta charms hanging at the bottom of nameplate are again handmade. I did not want to use the big hangings like i earlier use in my nameplate. All I wanted is to add  something small and cute that could make a jingling sound when they move and touch each other. So i decided to handcut a series of irregular shapes from a slab of clay. I was quite excited to check the installation,,,so we clicked the pics even before painting. so this one has to undergo final step with paints and brushes....till then Happy Claying!!

Terracotta Nameplate

Handmade nameplate
Unfired Clay Nameplate

Oct 27, 2014

Terracotta Lamps for Diwali Festival

Terracotta Lamps for Festival
Tea light lamps have always been my weakness and I love making them whenever I get a chance to make one ....reason they give such a warmth and festive look to my house. And so do my students feel. They crave for making lamps for their home. So this Diwali lots of tealights are being made and completed by aspiring potters. Each of these tea light lamps are made with hands and carved using simple tools. Its always a great feeling to see when you become the creator of your own things!!
Happy Festivities!!

Tealight lamps made by a Student (Seema)

Fish Lamp by Shivani

Square Terracotta Lamp made by a Student (Seema)

Tealight lamps made by Seema

Tealight lamps made by Seema

Oct 18, 2014

Pottery Workshop at Craft Fest

So the day I had been looking forward has come to an end with lot of sweet memories in heart. the experience was worth experiencing for me as for the first time, I taught three generations on same platform that included a Grandmother, Mother, and a Grandson. It was an open platform for all age groups and so was the opportunity for parents and children to spend time together. Moms with younger babies got their husbands for baby sitting while moms with grown up children decided to spend time with their kids learning new skill but with different perspective. Here are few glimpse of pottery workshop conducted at Craft Fest at Centerstage Mall, Noida.

Oct 13, 2014

We are making NEWS!!

How does it feel when one fine day, you open the newspaper and read something good about yourself!! Im sure you will certainly feel like a celebrity and that's how i felt when Noida Times wrote about my pottery classes on cover page. Yipeee..thanks Noida Times for writing about our pottery classes!!

Oct 7, 2014

Joy of Giving

What the Joy of Giving is.... i totally felt it today.

I have been looking for cheap air tickets for more thn a month fr a trip to Bangalore. But poor me...prices of flights were extremely high. I had been postponing ticket booking on a hope that one day these flight kings will slash their prices.

But today, i really made up my mind and thought of booking tickets on whatever prices i get. I was totally zapped to see the slashed prices of air tickets without any announcements. I quickly booked tickets and saved saved 6K..Woww!!

And then...without wasting much time i logged in to Cancer foundation site and donated some part of my saved money!! Yes...i felt joy of sharing my saving!!

So next time try this....if you get surprise discount on your fav branded stuff, donate a part of saved money to any person in need will really feel the joy of saving and sharing :)

Happy Sharing and Giving :)

Sep 30, 2014

Craft Fest India - Creative Learning

So today's post is not about my new pottery creation or any particular creative thing I discovered is purely about a creative thought...the thought behind "CRAFT FEST INDIA".

I'm sure, most of you love visiting Craft Exhibition or Mela or Utsav where you get a chance to see or buy variety of handmade crafts and sometimes even wonder how the artist turn a simple thing into a beautiful object.

Now just about a Mela where you can actually learn these art forms. Well, Craft Fest is like a mela where you can explore and learn different crafts from specialized artists and that too in couple of hours.

You can choose from a variety of crafts and learn the one you like most ranging from quilling, jewelry making, pottery, clay modelling, traditional painting and much more!! So everything under one roof...well craft fest is not a permanent roof. They travel within city, across city and across states just to provide the learning facilities within their reach.

The concept of craft festival is quite popular in western countries. Huge camps are organised and artists from across country are clubbed together at one place to teach different art and craft forms to children and adults. Craft Fest India would be one of the first such initiative in India. Their launch event will be at Centerstage Mall (Wave Mall), Sector-18, Noida on 18th October 2014.

Definitely, one of the reason for writing about Craft fest is that I'm excited to be part of their launch events. Secondly, i really liked this entire concept because as a child i always use to crave for a place where I just go, learn and come back...regular classes always bored me!! So this one place would be really interesting!! Currently they are doing it in Delhi NCR. but soon will be crossing borders to spread this love for craft. So do follow their page to know when the next camp will be organised in your city at

Happy Crafting :)

Sep 7, 2014

Day10: Miniature Ganesha Idol Series

Finally the final final ganesha creation in my Ganesha Idol series is ready...this is the 10th member in my Ganesha idol series!! The remaining series is posted in the previous posts!!

Ganesha Chaturthi is one of the most celebrated festival in starts with "Ganesh Chaturthi" day and ends with "Visarjan" Day - a day when everyone bid farewell to their Ganesha Idols by immersing it in sea, river, water tanks!! Eco-friendly ganesha idols are popularly used by people as it doesn't  spoil our water resources!!
you can read about this festival more at:

Thankyou Ganesha for showering your blessings on me and giving me some fantabulous ideas for making contemporary series!! Ganapti Bappa Morya!!