Oct 24, 2013

Bisque Firing Session

Finally, the big day is here!!
This is the day I long for....Whenever i finish making my pottery piece, i feel like bisque firing it immediately. Alas... I cannot do it immediately...first, i do not have an electric kiln and secondly i should have enough number of pieces to make firing effective in natural firing as well. This time we set up firing for approx 200 small pieces. We had to leave few big pieces as there was not enough space to accommodate all of them.

Next morning, we were nervous and excited before opening the bhatti as it is the result day. The process of finding your piece from a heap of ash is divine. To our surprise, firing went extremely well...there was only 5 percent breakage unlike my previous firing sessions. I'm happy that my students's pieces were 100% fired :)
There was slight damage of my pottery collection, especially the coil diya.  For rest of the pottery, the output is a mix as this time some of my pieces got real terracotta shade and some got burnished black colour. I want to use this shade of black as it looks awesome and gives a very antique look to the pottery.

Here are few pics of the most important days.

Pottery Pieces Ready for Firing

Beautiful Slab Vase by Student

Student Work

Bhatti Packed and Ready...V for Victory

This is how it looks after 20 hours of heat...Terracotta pieces are peeking through hole

Bisque Firing Complete and Ready for Opening

Finally, All terracotta pieces are picked and what remain is Ashes

Final Result of Bisque Firing..Awesome

Little Damage after Bisque Firing

Oct 10, 2013

Incense Stick Holder cum Puja Thaali

Everytime my Mom in Law (MIL) lights an agarbatti (Incense Stick) in our mandir, the ashes spills n spoils the cotton cloth spread on the mandir slab. I always request her to place the incense holder at the center of puja thaali but she forgets it everytime (poor mommy :) This time she challenged me to make something creative that could save this mess....So here i'm with a big leaf with a flower shaped incense holder permanently attached to it. She also lights dhup batti, that again spills lot of ash..so this one is a combo pack. Now she can use this as a puja thaali as well as just incense holder :) Happy Praying Mommy Darling!!

Oct 5, 2013

Gautam Buddha Mask

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Terracotta Buddha Mask
This is THE famous "Buddha Chant" practiced by people all over the world and I got to know about this chant only few days back from a girl whom I met in a metro train. In our 15 min conversation, she tried explaining me the meaning of this chant. Another similar incidence happened with me after 5 days. A pottery student of mine mentioned about this chant and told me how it has improved her life.
.....Is it just a matter of chance that in a span of a week, I got to meet two people who believed in this chant n advises me to do it? Just wondering why i didn't hear ab't it from the people i know. Since I'm NOT a non-believer and always try to know good things about other religions...so I thought of practicing this chant ...i don't know how n why but i did start feeling good after practicing it!! The best part is that you need to chant it with your eyes wide open unlike in other religions.

Anyways, this chant is not yet synched in me...but certainly since that day i have been wanting to make a Buddha Face with wet clay. I was little skeptical and scared as I didn't want to spoil this creation as it was first of its kind. This is a pure handmade form of pottery ...I didn't use any mold, its made using different handbuilding techniques. Here is a glimpse of my most loved pottery creation till date...I found this buddha mask very cute. 
Happy Chanting!!

Terracotta Mask

Cont....This beautiful buddha mask is fired now and have come out beautifully...take a look!!
Fired Terracotta Buddha Face Mask