Jul 23, 2013

Youngest Potter @ Claying Thoughts

Ever since I met this young girl of 3 years, I've been singing about her among my friends and wanted to share her talent with my blog readers as well. This young potter is a sheer talent. My first conversation with her was not a usual Hello Hi,....her first sentence was "I want to make a pot." and believe me she was very serious about it!!

She was little conversant with clay as she did some clay modelling at her school but she wanted to explore more. Initially, I was little reluctant to take individual classes for her as I thought she was too young to handle clay and do some meaningful pottery, but the one sentence from her mom encouraged me to meet her. It was "Every child is not same". And that was correct!! She is unique. At such young age, she has an art to weave the clay.

 In our first meeting, I gave her a lump of clay and asked her to make small balls. To my surprise she was brilliant...she was brilliant in rolling lumpy clay into a smooth ball unlike kids of her age who end up making it more lumpy. Then I taught her making a Rose...and she repeated the steps with very little help. That moment...without giving a second thought I enrolled her for the pottery class. (Later I got to know that after reaching home she made lots of roses with her polymer clay and gifted to everyone at home:)

Our first pottery class was another surprise for me. We decided to make an own. I asked the little girl to press the clay ball and make it like a chapati without using rolling pin. The way she used her palms to press the clay was impressive. We also attempted to make a coil pot. For same i gave her the task of rolling a ball of clay into long coils. After first demonstration, she did it with ease :)

Trust me she does all scoring and slipping herself. I just help her in placing the coil firmly. She loves removing the extra slip with her fingers. I only help her in sponging to give smooth surface to her pot as she always insists on "smooth karey" .....no doubt she loves neat pottery.

And last but not least, she ensures that her workstation and studio tools are clean before she leaves for home.

I'm blessed to have such a prodigy at my studio.... Here is a picture collage of the youngest potter at Claying Thoughts and her master pieces :)

Happy Claying!!

Jul 18, 2013

Coil Pots by Pottery Students at Claying Thoughts

Coil Pots made by Pottery Students

In last few weeks, my studio witnessed the work of some really talented and budding artists. It true that no two human being think same so is true for their creativity. Each student has put in some variations in their creation to give a best shot. Learning new skills is enriching experience for students and imparting education a bliss for instructor. A very creative week so far!!

Happy Coiling!!
Coil Pot in progress

Jul 6, 2013

Cute Little Laughing Monster

Its been quite sometime since I practiced making spherical pottery objects with hands. Variety of functional and non functional items can be built around this technique!! My last creation was a spherical T-Light holder. Now, I'm planning to make a family of little monsters. This cute little one is the first member from my monster family...
Happy Monstering!!

Handmade Circular shape

Jul 5, 2013

Creative Rocks

After "Bottles Not Empty", I found this form of art quite interesting, simple and yet unique....Painted Rocks. I came across this art at "Just Imagine". It got some beautiful collection of different art and craft and they look amazing. Click the link below to take a look at some of the interesting painted rocks.

Check out some more Painted Rocks here!!

So...next time you find a rock near your garden or at some beach...pick it up, clean it, draw a design and paint it!! You can create the one for your best friend on FRIENDSHIP day :)

Courtesy: Just Image: Daily Dose of Creativity

Jul 4, 2013

Diya/ T-Light Holder

This T-Light Holder or Diya Holder is made using a handbuilding pottery technique...As I said earlier, you can create spherical shaped objects with the help of different hand building techniques too. I wanted to add lot of spherical rings around this piece and wanted to give it a look of Oneiroi's Orb (the one at Journey of Dreams, Singapore Flyer Museum) wherein all speherical objects are attached to one big spherical ball......but I compromised with few rings only!!

T-Light Holder

With Diya inside