Jun 29, 2013

Pottery Projects by Students

Inspite of hot and sweaty weather, there was no dearth of enthusiasm in our young potters. Students wanted to create a clay masterpiece for themselves and discover and rediscover the clay on each new day. Last week was great learning experience for me as I had students of varied age group who wanted to learn clay modelling...starting from our youngest potter who is just 3 years and a prodigy (I'm gonna write a separate post about her soon). There was also a parent child combo. Our super mom couldn't stop herself from touching the clay and joined clay classes with her daughter to experience it. Both were supremely talented and made some beautiful coil pot and clay mask. I also got chance to work with working professionals who want to come out of their comfort zone (A/c workstations) and were ready to explore clay on sweaty afternoons. At last how can i forget my little monster Aarav, the real hero who has all the weirdest ideas in his mind and wanted to make funny things with clay.

What I learned during these workshop is that most of us (including me..when I didn't learn the pottery) think that we are not artistic etall but after learning the basic pottery techniques we end up making real artistic clay work (which seems to be little impossible before we even touch the clay). Here is the preview of some the students' work!! Happy Claying!!

Clay Monster made of pinch pot
Clay Monsters
Coil Toil: Clay Coil Pot

Team Work

Youngest Potter in our club
Clay Owl made by kids
First Clay Work by little Princess

Terracotta Mask
Clay Mask by Mom and Daughter

Proud Potters

Building Coils
Square Coil Pot

Ceramic Coil Pot
Super Achiever..Real Hard Work

Jun 20, 2013

Final Week @ SSRVM Summer Camp

I'm still not over with it. Everyday I feel like getting ready in the morning, prepare my pottery piece for class display and rush for the summer camp. Five weeks are over and time has flown so fast. I will miss my 25 notorious, obedient, hardworking, creative bunch of kids who came from different families. Each one of them was unique in their own way and yet they had some thing common in them...their zeal to enjoy their summer holidays.

I wanted the last week to be unique. So we decided for a DIY (Do It Yourself) activity. Kids were asked to create anything using their experience so far or something they wanted to make for their parents. As a result, there was variety...variety in their thinking, their expectations and their creativity. Some of the items made by children were rose, sunflower, heart for their parents, tree, football, gift pack, face, sun, doll. Each one of them wanted to mold their real life into clay. The entire summer camp was a memorable experience and a great learning experience for me!! Vacations will be over in few days but the memories will stay forever!!
Happy Claying!!

Jun 15, 2013

Handmade Ceramic Tiles

Last week, I added three more tiles to the bunch of tiles I'm making for a wall installation. This time I made bigger tiles and wanted to theme them around nature - dancing peacock, flourishing spring, and happy Sun. Now, I've a collection of 18 tiles for the mural. Want to add few more tiles as I'm not sure about the results after bisque firing!! Happy Claying!!
Designer Tile as Wall Art
Ceramic Tiles for Wall Art
Tree Design on Ceramic Tile 

Ceramic Tile
Ceramic Mural/Wall Art

Jun 10, 2013

III and IV Week @ Clay Modelling Workshop

In last two weeks kids traveled through the jungle and deep oceans...hey hey wait wait...its not an excursion trip....they travelled through stories and clay modelling!! The theme for Week III and Week IV revolved around characters from Panchtantra story - Foolish lion and clever rabbit (Chatura) and Sea Animals - Octopus and Fish. Take a look at some of the clay projects made by kids!!

Clay Projects completed by kids
Sea Animals: Clay Octopus and Fish

Characters from Panchtantra Story: Foolish Lion and Clever Rabbit "Chatura"