May 26, 2013

IInd Week @ Clay Modelling Workshop

Time moves so IInd week at summer camp is complete. But this time excitement, eagerness and enthusiasm were double. I was again mobbed by kids and they were all eager to know about the clay sculpture that they would make. I usually keep this as a surprise and show the pottery item to kids just at the beginning of class...just to maintain their eagerness, excitement and gain the attention (of less interested lot). The best part about this surprise is that few students who are reluctant to touch the clay quickly run and grab a chair for themselves. They show eagerness to learn and create.

This week, I taught Caterpillar and Bird's Nest in my pottery class. Here are few pics of hard working and fun loving kids.

Clay Modelling workshop for kids
Clay Modelling by kids at summer camp in Noida

May 18, 2013

Clay Modeling at Summer Camp in Noida: Ist Week

This summer what else could I have asked for.....being mobbed by sooo many cuties and brats :) My first day in Summer Camp @ SSRVM (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidhya Mandir) was full of giggles, excitement, curiosity and mud. Kids got super excited when they first touched the clay... few wants to mess with it....few were little scared if their clothes wud get dirty but at the end each one of them had great fun and created a clay piece with a touch of their own style. 

Most of the kids were in the age group of 4 to 6 years and each of them had different learning style, adaptability, flexibility and creativity. Here is the glimpse of kids work!! I couldn't click the pics while kids were working with clay as my hands were also in total mess...will catch some exciting pics next week. till then happy claying!!

Clay Mask created by kids at summer camp in noida
Clay Mask by Kids

Clay Butterfly made by kids at summer camp in SSRVM
Clay Butterflies

Clay Butterfly

May 15, 2013

Clay Modeling for Kids

Kids don't need any reason to play with mitti (mud) ..they can do it any time ...any season. They love squeezing, tweeting, shaping, reshaping clay and I find kids most creative and perfectionist...adults may miss out minutest detail but kids want to have all the specifications in their little clay sculpture!!

Kids enjoying clay modeling sessions at Claying Thoughts and reinventing Monstrous caterpillar!! 
Happy Summer Vacations!!

May 7, 2013

Terracotta Nameplate

My latest work in pottery!!
Terracotta nameplate for Claying Thoughts!! Just started working on is in progress. I wanted to give a wooden texture to background with alphabets embossed on it!!! More alphabets are on their way!!
Happy Claying!!

Hand built Terracotta Nameplate