Apr 30, 2013

Pottery Workshops @ Claying Thoughts

Slip Trail on my Pottery Slab
Pottery Classes in Noida
Beaming with Joy, Pride, and Enthusaism
Since my studio is renovated, i've been trying to pen down all the enthusiasm i'm going thru...but not getting the right words (and time) to express it!! My pottery studio is ready, decked up, workshops have begun. Its so much fun to work here..be it a chirpy morning, or sweating afternoon or breezy evening or twinkling night...these days i feel like spending my whole day in this new corner!! 

Happy Claying!!

Apr 26, 2013

What is Handbuilt Pottery?

A lot of people ask me about difference between handbuilt pottery and wheel pottery. In this post, I’m going to talk about same.

What is Handbuilt Pottery?
Pottery objects that are made entirely using different handbuilding techniques and that too without using pottery wheel.

What is Handbuilding Technique?
Handbuilding is an ancient form of pottery. Our ancestors used handbuilding techniques to make kitchen utensils and other decoration items.  Over the years, ceramic artists have used these techniques to create some exciting form of contemporary ceramics. 

Some of the popular handbuilding techniques are Slab building, Coiling, and Pinching. Apart from these techniques, artists have invented many handbuilding and surface decoration techniques and have created some exciting range of work and expression.

How it is different from Wheel Pottery?
Wheel Pottery comes to our mind when we hear the word "pottery". This is the popular method for shaping clay and requires pottery wheel for shaping circular objects.

In handbuilt pottery, different hand techniques are used to shape pottery objects. The brownie point is that apart from circular shapes, you can also make rectangular and square shapes. Handbuilding and wheel work can also be clubbed together to create amazing piece of art work.
Handbuilt Pottery

Wheel Work

What can we make using handbuilding techniques?
With handbuilding, you can make variety of pottery objects like flower vases, tiles, tea coasters, masks, wind chimes, lamps, animal shaped pen holder, wall art, etc.

Do we require special tools to do handbuilding?
No. Handbuilding can be practiced at home on a small workstation. With simple tools (from day to day life), you can make beautiful pottery pieces and do wonders with a lump of clay.

My first date with handbuilding technique:
I can still recall my first day in Pottery class when Meena mam taught me first handbuilding technique. Like most of you, even I had perceived wheel as the only way to make pottery. I wasn’t aware of handbuilding pottery. And that was my first introduction with handbuilding technique and somehow it just clicked my mind that I’ve to pursue this form of art in the long run. And here I’m today!!
Happy Claying!!

Apr 15, 2013

Surface Decoration on Pinch Pots

Surface decoration is one of the most important part of hand building technique. With few simple tips and tricks of surface decoration, you can bring magic to your simple piece of pottery. There are variety of surface decoration techniques, such as carving, slip decoration, coil decoration, glazing, etc. You can choose any or a combination of these techniques to create a masterpiece for yourself.

In surface decoration, it is very important to understand the texture of clay - hardness and softness of clay. For some techniques, you require leather hard clay, while for others you need soft or wet clay. And for glazing, you need sun dried or bisque fired pottery pieces.  It all depends on the work you are doing. And as you grow as a potter and start getting comfortable handling clay, you will be able to judge your clay better.

Currently, I’m working on a large wall installation, which will have variety of pinch pots of different shapes, sizes, and surface decoration – slip decoration, stamp, carving, etc. Will showcase the same on this blog soon!! till then....Happy Claying!!

Apr 2, 2013

Pottery Workshop at Prakriti, Noida

It was my first Pottery workshop with toddlers and preschoolers @ Prakriti in Noida. It was an entirely creative experience for me...as a teacher I learned a lot from the little monsters and cuties and as a future parent I found an amazing place for my kids to grow.

First let me tell you about this little kingdom "Prakriti". This place truly matches with its name. Its a play school cum activity center for kids in Noida. I salute the creative mind behind the conceptualization of this place. The place was natural from all aspects...be its furniture, surrounding, garden, accessories, fresh air, play area...everything looked so natural...unlike plastic look which most of the play school showcase these days....(which some of the Mothers take pride in :)

Well, the purpose of my meeting with the school principal was solely for the Pottery Workshop but I fell for this place and looking forward for my kids to grow so that I could enroll them here!!

My learning experience as a potter was amazing. It was more like a ragging session for me...there were approx 8 kids of different age groups starting from 2.5 years to 6 years. I had to teach them making clay rabbit as "Rabbit" was the theme for that particular week at Prakriti. Now, imagine the kind of inquisitiveness and confidence these children showcased that day. Few were quick, few were destructive, few were quite slow, few were extremely creative. This mixture of creative minds was superamazing. The final outcome was even more interesting. Few wanted to make a standing rabbit, few wanted to make a sleeping rabbit. Overall it was a creative day for me!!

Am hoping to conduct more workshops like this in future. till then...
Happy Claying!!