May 17, 2012

Ceramic Wind Chime for Kids

Finallllllllllly, I managed to complete my long awaited wind chime project. It took me an hour to install the entire structure, but it was worth spending. I used few colourful beads to make this wind chime look more vibrant. I'm planning to add some more shapes to it and make it look humongous.

May 10, 2012

Maple Leaf Tea Coasters

Terracotta Tea Coasters

New job, new friends, new timing. Weekdays ..weekends…it’s all hectic these days. But finally, last Sunday I managed to take out time to play with clay.
It had been ages since I last touched the clay and was not able to get started. Somehow, last Sunday I brought the bag of Terracotta clay from my store and start wedging it….even without thinking what to make. I guess thinking of a design is the most intricate step, because if you don’t have any design in mind you will either end up making a masterpiece or a mess J for yourself.
So finally, I decided to complete my set of 6 maple leaf tea coasters…that could be the easiest thing to start with. Next Sunday I’ve plans to complete the set of floral tea coasters. I’m sure my love for pottery will continue forever.
Happy Claying!!