Oct 23, 2012

Pottery Workshop for Corporate Events

What a Day!! A day full of enthusiasm, rain, pleasant weather, cheerful people, and pottery!! What else one could ask for on a weekday. It was a day out for Airbnb Team India. They wanted to align the pottery making workshop with the launch of their core values. I found the thought behind this workshop quite interesting and creative. The pottery workshop was conducted by Meena mam at her Studio 78 and once again I got the opportunity to help her around in managing 15 pottery toddlers :)

The best part about any pottery workshop is that each participant gets enthusiastic like a kid who always wanted to play with mitti but was often scolded by their parents. This workshop gave a chance to everyone to play with clay apart from learning a new skill set.

Pottery Workshop for Team Building and Fun Activity of employees
Team Building Activity for Employees

Pottery also works as a THERAPY. In today's competitive world, we often suffer from "Thought Overload". That means we tend to keep several things in our mind while doing our current task. This overload often spoil our performance in the current task and makes us more stressful. I found pottery really meditative and stress relieving. We tend to forget every other thought in our mind while working with clay and get completely focused. And that's the beauty of Pottery :) The whole idea is that we tend to become stress free if we start enjoying what we do...be it a Pottery or playing around with our tabloid!!

Overall a great day!!
Happy Claying!!

May 17, 2012

Ceramic Wind Chime for Kids

Finallllllllllly, I managed to complete my long awaited wind chime project. It took me an hour to install the entire structure, but it was worth spending. I used few colourful beads to make this wind chime look more vibrant. I'm planning to add some more shapes to it and make it look humongous.

May 10, 2012

Maple Leaf Tea Coasters

Terracotta Tea Coasters

New job, new friends, new timing. Weekdays ..weekends…it’s all hectic these days. But finally, last Sunday I managed to take out time to play with clay.
It had been ages since I last touched the clay and was not able to get started. Somehow, last Sunday I brought the bag of Terracotta clay from my store and start wedging it….even without thinking what to make. I guess thinking of a design is the most intricate step, because if you don’t have any design in mind you will either end up making a masterpiece or a mess J for yourself.
So finally, I decided to complete my set of 6 maple leaf tea coasters…that could be the easiest thing to start with. Next Sunday I’ve plans to complete the set of floral tea coasters. I’m sure my love for pottery will continue forever.
Happy Claying!! 

Apr 21, 2012

Designer Terracotta Tiles

Painted Terracotta Tiles
Here is the first look of my most favourite pottery project - Terracotta tiles. It took me a little longer to complete it as I wanted them to look best after colouring. I've used a combination of natural terracotta colour along with some traditional shades. And, once again thanks to neha and shabz for helping me in completing this project.

As I said earlier, I've plans to make a large mosaic of such tiles and will soon start my work on same. My friends have already started showing interest to have such kind of designer terracotta tiles in their balcony, main entrance, kitchen wall. And this time I'm seriously planning to make this happen!! Hope this works!! Till then ....Happy Claying!!
Terracotta Tiles (Before Bisquing)

Apr 7, 2012

Ceramic Pen Holder

Ceramic Pen Pencil Holder
I'm quite fortunate to have some really creative people around me who often inspire and help me in my painting projects!!  This time one of my cousin helped me in painting few of my favorite pottery pieces... a set of Designer Terracotta Tiles and a Ceramic Pen Holder. I'm yet to complete terracotta tiles... so will soon post its pic here. Thanks Neha for all your effort and patience. This Pen Holder looks purely vibrant and kids surely will love to have it in their room!! 
Happy Claying!!

Feb 27, 2012

Creative Gardening

Horizontal Bottle Gardening
Woowwwww!! This was my first reaction when I first saw bottle plantation at a home in Noida and the very next day I collected empty plastic bottles and started working on this creative project.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t click the picture of that house in Noida but today I’ve found a picture which I want like to share with you all and I’m sure most of you will definitely try this at home…caz its so attractive, simple, and quick. I've planted only 5 bottles and yet to create a wall like this...Do share the pictures whenever you create a bottle garden in your balcony or terrace and i will post it here. Till then…happy gardending!!
Vertical Bottle Gardening

You can read complete article here

Feb 21, 2012

True Colours of FRAAANDSHIP

After Grand Upla Firing, it was time to colour the baked pottery pieces. My choice with colours had never been very good...So, last week I stole out some time for myself and decided to go out on my first date with different shades of colours.
I went to my friend’s house to take colouring lessons. Well...honestly speaking...more than learning I wanted her to colour my favorite pottery piece “Photo Frame cum Wind Chime” as I didn’t want to spoil the piece with my weird choice of colours. Her choice of colours is wonderful. Overall, we painted 10 small pieces. Since, it was a very short trip I had to give them final outline and varnish them at my house. It was great fun, learning experience, and a much needed break from my normal routine.

I also want to use this space to express my heartfelt THANKS to my dear friend who inspite of going through her life's tough phase cheerfully let me enjoy my first date with colours…and datz the true colour of Fraaandship....thanks Shbz. Wish you bestest of best in life.. GOD BLESS U!!

Enjoy the pictures…Happy Claying!!

Jan 7, 2012

Grand Upla Firing (Bhatti)

It was a sunny winter afternoon when we (aspiring and talented potters) got together for bisque firing our pottery pieces. We built Upla bhatti (dried cow dung cakes) under the guidence of Meena mam.

It was a very important day for us as we had to bisque fire our month(s) long hard work. We had made large number of pieces. It took us two hours to complete the entire process including last minute arrangement for more uplas...thanks to Jas and Veena. Upla bhatti looked fabulous and the output was fantastic. There was only 20% breakage and rest was success. Overall it was a great fun and learning experience!! I'm looking forward to more such grand day, till then....
Happy Claying!!

Potter's Work

Ready for fire!!

 Group of aspiring potters

This is how Upla Firing looks when we first create it!!

 This is how bhatti looks after 3 hours...You could see red angaar inside..This looks awesome!!

Bisqued terrecotta pieces (After Firing)

Ceramic Photo Frame cum Wind Chime : Part II

As kids really love animals and birds, i thought of creating shapes that could attract them most. So, here are the final shapes that i've come up with. Now, my wind chime is complete. These shapes can be hanged through the photo frame. Here is the final picture (all pieces are bisqued now).