Nov 25, 2011

Terracotta Tiles : Handbuilding Slab Work

Here are some designs of terracotta tiles that I've made using handbuilding technique. This piece of work has been really appreciated. These are small tiles of 3 x 3 inches and can be pasted on your wall using white cement. They will look great on entrance or the balcony wall!! I will soon work on a design with around 20 tiles...Big collage of tiles!!
till then...Happy Claying!!

Nov 10, 2011

Pottery Workshop with Doodlers

Oh....the hangover is not yet over. Its more that 24hrs since i attended the event and i'm still in the world of doodlers. You must be wondering what's Doodler?
Doodlers are the ones who creatively play around with google logo. They make a logo more interesting and informative...(Googlejee pls forgive me if i've interpreted Doodlers incorrectly). This is what I found when I attended "Doodle 4 Google" 2011 event at Grand. The event was awsome. The backdrops were amazing and it was a well organized event. Click this link to read about the champion doodlers.

Well, I was not the doodler there but went to this event for a pottery workshop with Meena mam. She was invited to conduct a pottery workshop for doodlers in this event. This was the first time I assisted her in a pottery workshop like this. We had to teach a handbuilding technique to children. The workshop went well and children made some fantasitic pieces. Since the day when I was told about this workshop, I had been excited and preparing for same. I created some small pinch pots to be displayed at the workshop. Here they are. (P.S:The fish in top left is not my creation)

Jul 13, 2011

Ceramic Photo Frame cum Wind Chime : Part I

Coincidentally, I've been creating dual-purpose ceramic craft. Earlier, when I was creating a coil vase I added a space to put a bulb and made it a vase cum lamp shade. This time also I started creating a ceramic photo frame for kids and eventually made a photo frame cum wind chime. I've added few holes at the bottom side of the frame from where strings can be passed and different ceramic shapes like tortoize, fish, bird, crescent, butterfly, etc can be hanged.

I've also decorated the back side of the frame with stars. This way if the frame is hanged from the top then both the sides will look attractive.

I've created this beautiful piece for my little angel's room and I'm sure she will adore different shapes that will hang through this frame. I'm yet to create the shapes and will soon post it on this blog. Till then...
Happy Claying!!

Jul 11, 2011

Large Coil Pot

Finally, my lappy (laptop) is back into action and working fine. Once again I can babble about my new creation. Ever since I’ve learnt coil technique, I wanted to create a large coil vase and experiment with its shape. This is the first time I've created something soooo big. I completed this 14" tall vase in 4 days (longer than required) caz I had to take few breaks in-between due to family commitments.

This flower vase can also be used as a lamp shade. I've created a space to put a bulb at the bottom of the vase. The small holes on the surface of the vase will let a hint of light shine through the vase. I’m quite hopeful that this vase will bisque beautifully. Fingers crossed!! Till then...
Happy Claying!!!

Jun 10, 2011

Clay in Progress

Here are some new pieces that I'm currently working on!!

Tea Coasters and Oil Burner (Tortoize)

You can see the front and bottom view of oil burner. In this design, I've carved out the hole for placing candle at the bottom . I've also shaped the top bow differently where you can fill water and oil. In my last design of oil burner (see my post on "Shaping White Clay"), i used coils to form top bow. this time i've pressed it down. This i had learnt in my class.
My Confession: It would be little difficult to lit the candle in this Oil Burner, but not very difficult for pottery lovers :) Use a thin (b'day Candle) to lit the tea-light from the small holes on sides.

Tortoize-shaped Oil Burner (Or diffuser)
Top and Bottom view

I'm also working on the flower vase, but little sceptical whether it will survive after bisque firing as the slab is quite thick. I've made one see through hole at the center, which will protect it from breaking. Let's cross the finger.
This clay piece can be used as a flower vase or a lamp shade. I'm through with the shape of this clay piece, but need to work on the decoration part. I'm getting lot of decoration ideas for this Vase but will choose most feasible and attractive one. I can do coiling over it, or decorate with clay flowers and leaves or cut out some geometrical design!! Will soon post whatever best I could do!! Do share your ideas if something new comes to your mind!!

Chee Chow for now!!
Update: 13 June
Today, I'm through with the designing part of the slab vase or lamp shade, whichever way you want to use. I've added a symbol of rising sun and added some texture . See the pics below. My learning during this practice session was that texturing should not be done on the day you create the clay piece. I did it after 2 days and result was quite satisfactory. All i did was covered the piece with plastic and a cloth to enusre that it remains moist and should be dried immediately. All thanks to Mam who keeps giving these useful tips.

May 30, 2011

Just Thoughts...Creative Thoughts!!

In the mid of claying thoughts, let me take the opportunity to share some creative moments I enjoyed last Saturday. This blog is not just about pottery. It’s also about creativity and creative thinking in any sphere of life. So, today I’m scribbling down few creative junctures that I came across in a day and some creative thoughts behind same.

Last Saturday, we went to a B’day party of my friend’s daughter and the party was organised on rooftop terrace. As we all know, Delhi weather is usually hot and humid in the month of May. And in this sultry weather.... you end up sweating and cursing mosquitoes esp in an open party. I was also expecting the same till I opened the entrance door of the terrace. To my (and everyone’s) surprise the party venue was extremely pleasant. Inspite of warm weather there was no sign of sweating and uncomfortableness. Desert Coolers were installed near Cocktail table and dim terrace lights stole all brownie points. Drinks were lavish, food was awesome (chinese), music was fantastic and gathering was supreme - with some HOT n COOL people around :) It was a well organised and perfectly planned party that made it more enjoyable. The party hangover is still not over. So, let me get back to what I was intending to creative junctures BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the party.

Before the PartyMy first creative juncture was packaging of birthday gift. I bought couple of tunics but didn't want to present them in a simple paper bag. I wanted to pack them in a different style. A birthday gift should look like a B’day gift. Finally, I managed to come up with a creative idea. Take a look at the packaging!! And don’t miss the smiley I pasted near the knot.

During the PartyMy next creative juncture was the entrance door of the terrace where the party was organized. My friend's mother painted the old scrappy door beautifully specially for this occasion to give us a colourful and freshia welcome. On one side she painted a spring scene and on the other side a sunset beauty. And let me tell you her age (Sorry aunty for sharing that). She is in her early 70s. And she painted the door in couple of hours. That's purely her love for creativity. See below pics and you will surely praise it. She didn't use any pencil to make initial outline and the result was straight from her heart...i mean paint brush.

My next creative sight was the cake decoration. The cake was based on a jungle theme and the little animals, trees, and rocks were decorated beautifully on top of the cake similarly like I mould the clay in hand-building techniques. The reason why I found this cake design so attractive because I (usually) don’t go or get invitation to kid’s birthday party. And hardly get the opportunity to see what's the LATEST in market. So for me its different.

The party continued till 4 in the morning and we had no option but to stay at my friend's place. But guys...Chaar (4) bazz gaye lekin party abhi baaki hai..... this song perfectly synch with my next “situ” (situation).

Creatively FunnyI got this short form “situ” from a recent article in Delhi times. SRK’s latest movie Always Kabhi kabhi is ab’t youngsters and they have used this acronym “Undi the Condi of d Situ” means “Understand the Condition of the Situation" :) But SRK wanted to exclude the word “Condi” as in Tamil “Kundi” means “Butt” (Beware of short forms).After the PartyNow the final creative juncture.... Someone was ready with a lavish breakfast at home. You got it!! We returned home at 8 in the morning and my mom (My MIL) was ready with her South Indian menu (16 idlis and unlimited Dossaass).
JFI (Just for Info) My MIL is an excellent cook and she loves cooking even at this age and I will surely not reveal her age else she will screw me for this.
Though I was not in mood to eat anything at that time, but couldn’t resist myself. So instead of retiring to bed, I got myself ready for the party finale and enjoyed my breakfast..thanks Saassuuu maa.

Hope you also enjoyed these different creative junctures. Chow Cheee for now!! :)

May 16, 2011

Shaping White Clay

Here are some more clay pieces that I made during my pottery course.
These pieces are made from stoneware clay. Originally, the colour of this clay is grey. But when we BISQUE fire it at 850 degree celsius in kiln, it turns out as white. On the other hand, terracotta clay is little brownish in colour and when we fire it, the colour turns to Brickish Orange (or reddish orange). Terracotta clay gives a natural feel of pottery and is mostly used for garden and outdoor decoration.

On the other hand, white clay is often used for making decorative items as the colour/glaze really comes out well on them. Right now I don't feel like adding any colour over white clay pieces that I’ve made as they look beautiful as is...But, I would certainly paint the wind chime that I’ve made for kids room because this piece needs to be vibrant, colourful, and chirpy. I still need to learn the colouring and glazing stuff but before that I need to practice a lot on making variety of shapes and designs.
Hope you will like this collection.

Wind Chime : A piece of cloud with different shapes dangling below it - a doll, butterfly, smiley, twinkling star and a chanda mama. I'm not sure if this wind chime would give a tinkling sound as these pieces are quite thick and sound may not be that crisp. But, this wind chime is really close to my heart.

Oil Lamp: You can place a Camphor pieces or add some fragrance oil on top and place a burning diya from the back opening. Diya light will be visible from the small holes.

Coil Pot: This one is the first clay piece that i made at the studio. I was quite worried about the uneveness of the coils but aunty (my teacher) insisted to enjoy the work as the beauty of hand technique is its natural look.

Mar 11, 2011

Flourishing Flora - "The Upvan"

"Upvan" is what we have named our first pottery project. This masterpiece is a collection of terracotta flowers, buds, and leaves. It looks beautiful, vibrant, and awsome.
Vohra aunty gave the golden opportuity to me and my course mate to assist her in this project. The project was to create variety of terrecotta lotus flowers, leaves, buds and arranging them in a pot. It was quite challenging as our client wants to keep these pots in the entrance garden. That means these terracotta flowers needs to be beautiful, yet sturdy (shouldn't get affected by rain, dust, and sunlight). Each of these terracotta flowers weight between 100 gms to 400 gms and fixing each of these flowers in a pot was a real challenge. :) GREAT SHOW!!

Feb 2, 2011

Last Session

Finally, all my clay pieces are fired and have come out really well. My pottery course is over and I will miss working in Studio 78.......Rushing for classes in the cold weather of January, wedging (preparing) clay, working on wheel, sipping black tea with hands drenched in clay slip and mind mesmerized in shaping it. I will miss every thing :(
I want to thank my Guru, Mam, Aunty... "Mrs Meena Vohra" a lot!! She is a wonderful human being, a great teacher, stupendous artist with great sense of color and decoration.
Thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu aunty for making it such a lovely learning experience for me...this course made me more patient, disciplined, and organized. Your “Never Get Tired” attitude and love for work at this age infuses lot of positivity in me and drives me to do my BEST. Here are few pictures of final day we fired clay pieces and the final output after firing....Ofcourse, not all of these are my creation, especially the one on the right.

Jan 19, 2011

First look

Finally... i've made some clay pieces that i can flaunt ;)
These pieces are yet to be fired in, Im not sure how many of these will survive after firing. Hope you guys like them!! :)
I'm still in the learning lots need to be improved. Wish me good luck!!


Fish Lamp

Coil Pot