Jan 10, 2018

Clay Modelling and Sculpture Project

Clay Box
Here are few clay modelling projects completed by students in the studio. It's wonderful to see the inclination of youngsters especially of school children and college students towards learning clay modelling. Students are either opting clay modelling and pottery as hobby or learning this art to improve g their visualization skills. Clay is not just limited to designing students. Today even engineering students are required to work on clay to make their 3-D models. Clay gives the opportunity to students to turn their visualization into a 3-D shape. I'm happy that schools and colleges are incorporating clay modelling as part of their curriculum.
Some of the ideas for making clay projects are like a clay piggy bank. This could be made with hands using pinch technique. Or a jewelry box by joining clay slabs in right order. Or animation students can even make a cartoon character and define their features in detail.

Square clay box

Clay pot

Clay animals

Sculpting Classes in noida
Clay Sculpting

Dec 10, 2017

Family Outing at Claying Thoughts

Family outing @ Claying Thoughts Pottery Studio 
Clay Workshop organized for a very dear couple-friend and their family members who wanted to try something unique and fun over weekend get-together.
Thankuu everyone for visiting us. Trust me...u all surprised and delighted me with your outstanding creative expression😍
Happy Claying!!

Dec 5, 2017

Corporate Workshop at British Council (BCIL) Noida

Pottery Workshop organized at British Council (India) to celebrate Diversity week. It was a tile making workshop and the team surprised me with their diverse ideas and outstanding creative expression. 
Thankyou everyone for making it super success :)

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Jul 24, 2017

Journey of a Slab Vase

Here is another project that I have recently completed in my studio. In this clay proect, a slab of clay is turned into a beautiful vase cum tealight decor.

Here is the definition of "Slab Vase" for those who are not conversant with the term. Slab vase is made by rolling a ball of clay into a flat bread (roti) like pizza base.

Once, the slab of clay is ready, it is carefully handcut into a rectangular shape. Then, the rectangular shape is rolled into a cylinder shape by joining the two ends. Once the ends are joined, a base is added to the cylinder shaped pot. Once, your pot is ready, you can press, bend, shape the pot the way you want or leave it as is like a cylinder.

This handbuilding pottery method allows you to quickly make a cylinder shaped pot without the use of potter's wheel. The other method is coil technique. Once you have shaped the pot, you can draw designs, carve our different shapes, or add clay pieces like flowers, hearts, leaves, etc to give 3D designs. This is one of my favorite handbuilding technique which gives fastest results and lot of scope for experiment. 

Keep trying..keep claying..Happy Claying :)

Clay Pyramid Lamp

My current project is a pyramid shaped lamp built using slab technique. The process starts with rolling clay into slabs like pizza base and then carfeully handcut them into triangles of equal sizes.
And then each clay slab is carefully joined to get the final shape.

Giving the finishing touches and eagerly wating to lit the lamp to see the illumination :)
Happy Claying!!

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Jul 23, 2017

Ecofriendly Ganesha Workshop 2017

Learn making Ecofriendly Ganesha Idol using natural terracotta clay. Participants shall be given step by step demonstration making Ganesha Idol using hand techniques without the use of moulds and machines.

Duration: 2.5 hours
Venue: Claying Thoughts Pottery Studio, Sector 21, Noida
Mobile: 9971968689
Idol Size (Height): Approx 8 inches
Charges: Rs 800/- per participant

What to bring?
Bring a tray or a thali to carry back your idol safely back home.

Registrations shall be confirmed only for advance bookings as there are limited seats.
For registration details, call or whatsapp at 9971968689 (Mobile)

Jul 16, 2017

Pinch Pot Clay Sculpture

What a creative use of pinch pot technique to make a hollow sculpture. Well done Anjali..really happy to see the way you picked and used all techniques to make some wonderful clay pieces. Lots of wishes for your future endeavours.

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Jul 11, 2017

Clay Workshop at Ramjas School Pusa Road

Claying Thoughts was recently invited by at an Art Camp organized by Ramjas School, New Delhi. Approx 170 students participated in the Handbuilding Pottery workshop from Grade VII and learnt the art of making 2D and 3D clay forms using terracotta clay.

A big THANKYOU to all the students and faculty members for such a warm reception, participation and support. We loved your art room ...its full of positivity, colours, ideas and the way you are inculcating interest in various artforms among your school children...its highly commendable. 
Happy Claying :)